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If it’s one thing that Miami has, it’s Columbian eateries… and Elsitio is one of them. Located on Washington Ave. in South Beach, Elsitio has quick, tasty, basic Columbian food at a reasonable price.

Columbian Big Mac

However, what sets Estilio apart is their Columbian version of the Big Mac.. their Pepito de Carne!
AMAZING… its not the type of thing you eat every day, but at 2 AM after you’ve been drinking for several hours, this Cheap Eat would definitely hit the spot. It is a sandwich on a hot dog bun, stuffed to the brim with deliciously seasoned spiced steak, lettuce, melted cheese, ketchup and Elsitio’s “special sauce”… guaranteed to leave you fully satisfied!

RATING: for a quick bite, 4 of 5 stars

710 Washington Ave
Miami Beach FL 33139
TEL: 305-534-3100