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Mortons Miami

Posted on: March 27, 2009

Mortons - North Miami Beach

Mortons - North Miami Beach

Mortons a steakhouse in Aventura, that is part of the Hillstone Restaurant chain. This well know steak house can be found throughout the country in major metropolitan areas.

The atmosphere is fine dining, a classic New York/Chicago steakhouse with the down-to-earth New York neighborhood feel and pictures of famous clientele displayed on the walls.

One waiter came to our table with a cart of beautifully displayed raw cuts of meat offered that evening, as well as featured vegetables and a live lobster. The presentation geared us up for a grand meal, cooked to perfection… unfortunately we were all disappointed by the actual meal.

Perhaps it was an off night, being a Monday at 8:00, but each of our steaks were overcooked. My one friend ordered the Petite Filet with Bourdais sauce, cooked medium… she was embarrassed and did not want to offend the chef, but had to order steak sauce because the steak was brown to the center, and quite dry.

I had ordered the Chicago cut, medium rare, which was brought out medium. The steak was juicy in the center, but so charred on the outside that I felt like I was biting into Charcoal. Little crumbles of charred steak would get caught in the back of my throat… i had to cut around the char in order to enjoy the moist, juicy inside, which was also grainy, and somewhat dry for medium rare.

My other friend ordered the porterhouse, and had the same experience. He said that it was super charred on the outside, and several cuts in were more enjoyable, but not cooked to perfection the way we were expecting. Don’t expect Peter Lugers

The sides are a la cart, and tasty. I think the appetizers were the best part of the meal. I had the lobster bisque, which was good, not as sweet and creamy as I like, but the large chunks of lobster made up for it. Very Tasty.

The Tuna Tartar.. this was BY FAR the best dish of the evening. Absolutely delicious. It was a thin tortilla topped with evenly chopped tomatoes, small cubed avocado, and topped with an ample portion of diced sushi quality tuna, then drizzled with a light sweet soy sauce.

Overall, I was disappointed by our steaks. The service was great, but the steaks were just not cooked to perfection, and I feel that the cuts could have been better as well… especially for the price. If you are in the area and craving a good steak, I would recommend Houstons.


Mortons North Miami Beach

17399 Biscayne Blvd.
North Miami Beach, FL 33160


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