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Eno’s Wine Bar – Miami Beach

Posted on: March 15, 2009

Eno’s is wine connoisseur’s futuristic candy store. You purchase an “Enomatic” debit card, which allows you to walk around the entire restaurant and sample each of the wines, in Sip, Guzzle and Glass sizes.

Eno's Wine Bar - Wine Display with 3 servings options

Eno's Wine Bar - Wine Display with 3 servings options

The two managing partners, one French and one Italian, refresh the wine menu every 2 weeks. Igor Beghetto, the Italian managing partner, told me that the ample work and investment required to develop this unique drinkery was well worth it, for it is one of the only wine bars of its type in Miami.

My favorite wines were:

Fra Guerau Montsant Rosado 2006 – Sweet, fresh, light rose – a light wine that tastes of various fruits and berries

Appellation Chablis ControlĂ©e – a French chardonnay, with a fruity smell, yet dry, soft, rounded and finished.

Venezia Giulia Indicazione – Made in North Eastern Italy, this wine was robust, noticable tannins, less smooth finish.

Alvarinho 2006 – Portuguese wine, Dry and Robust, not a variety of flavors, but a distinct flavor.

Inside Eno's Wine Bar - Lincoln Road

Inside Eno's Wine Bar - Lincoln Road

Eno’s menu is sophisticated, and perfectly accompanies an afternoon or evening of wine tasting, with 3 to 4 dishes per course, courses including Hors Deuvers, Caviar, Fish, Pate & Mouse, & Cold Cuts. The patrons were friendly, young and cosmopolitan as well, and the staff was very attentive. And should your group have its very own debbie downer who opposes enjoying and sampling fine wine, they offer other beverages such as Coffee, Beer, and Soft Drinks.


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