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I was at the Internet Marketers Spring Break Party in Deerfield Beach this past Friday night, when I was introduced to the Bacon Explosion for the first time (shame on me for considering myself a foodie, being out of the loop on this one).

Bacon Explosion

Bacon Explosion

What is the Bacon Explosion, you may ask? For those as out of the know as I am, the Bacon Explosion is “about $20 worth of bacon and Italian sausage from a local meat market. As it lay on the counter, he thought of weaving strips of raw bacon into a mat. The two spackled the bacon mat with a layer of sausage, covered that with a crunchy layer of cooked bacon, and rolled it up tight” – quoted from the New York Times.

Aaron Chronister, a co-inventor of this culinary coronary-unfriendly creation, was whipping up one of these mega meatloafs at a IMSpringBreak dinner, weaving his bacon and sausage masterpiece.

This smoking mound of meat has been quite the culinary buzz, exploding throughout the internet, making its way onto NYTimes, CNN, Fox, Good Morning America and, just to name a few…

So gear up, pop your lipitor, and claim your carnivorous title with the infamous Bacon Explosion!


There is an obvious reason that Joe’s Stone Crab in South Beach Miami has been around for 95 years, and it’s not just the location… Joe’s stone crabs serves up the freshest, cleanest, most delicious stone crabs this side of the Mississippi (does Mississippi have stone crabs?)… The waiter told us that the stone crabs have been caught locally in South Florida for years.

Joes Stone Crab - Outside

Joes Stone Crab - Outside

Joe's Stone Crabs

Joe's Stone Crabs

The stone crabs are served pre-cracked with a piquant mustard-mayonnaise sauce, complementing the cool, fresh stone crabs with a lively kick. I found a recipe for the mustard sauce on, however I have yet to try it out, so do not take my word for it.

* 1 tablespoon Colman’s dry mustard, or more to taste,
* 1 cup mayonnaise
* 2 teaspoons Worcestershire
* 1 teaspoon A-1 sauce
* 2 tablespoons light cream
* salt

Joe's Stone Crabs - Soft Shell Crabs in Oats

Joe's Stone Crabs - Soft Shell Crabs in Oats

Interesting fact about stone crabs from Joe’s website: “The claws make up half the weight of the whole crab, they are removed by carefully grabbing from the rear and twisting. The crab is returned to water and the claw regenerates. It takes between 12 to 24 months to reach legal size again”… Fact or Fiction? I am still skeptical.
Joes Stone Crab - Key Lime Pie

Joes Stone Crab - Key Lime Pie

I had ordered the evening’s special, Soft Shell crabs battered in oats over rhubarb, baby corn and spinach in a creamy sherry sauce… divine! The crunchy dry texture of the batter contrasted perfectly with the creamy, soothing consistency of the sauce… the rhubarb and baby corns were crunchy (cooked beautifully), and the spinach leaves soft, but still green, not overcooked. The whole dish was beautiful.

For the sides, we ordered the spinach sauteed in garlic (very garlicy) and the hash browns… Both fantastic. The hash browns were seasoned with salt and pepper and had crispy outer crust. Our waiter informed us that these were the two staple side dishes… rightfully so.

And of course, had to order the Key Lime Pie for dessert… This was key lime pie done right… Yellow, creamy, not too tart but just enough, with a thick crumbling pie crust. Beautiful.

As much as I rave, the only way to fully experience these world famous stone crabs is to try them yourself… Be prepared to be impressed.

When you grow up in a family who frequents states like Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts for family vacations, and all you every wanted to go to was Disney or the Bahamas, the one thing that you learn to appreciate is fresh seafood… Surprisingly, fresh Seafood happens to be one of the hardest things to find in New York City, and is reason #154 why I absolutely love Miami… Miami has FANTASTIC seafood! The Crab House Miami is reason #155.

Crab House Miami - Alaskan King Crab

Crab House Miami - Alaskan King Crab

The Crab House Miami\’s giant red neon crab illuminates from a half a mile away, which could deter you from expecting THE quality food that is actually served.

One Saturday afternoon, my friends and I stopped in, craving fresh crab… and that was exactly what we got… times 10! We ordered the Crab Trio – heaping portions of Pacific Coast Dungeness Crab, Alaskan King Crab, and Snow Crab. This dish was ample enough for two people. When the dishes were delivered, we dug right in, uttering words of \”look how this huge chunk (of crabmeat) this chunk is!\”…. \”oh thats a good one\”…. By the end of my first visit, I was sold, and continued to sell this place to all of my fellow seafood lovers. However, we noticed a noticeable decrease in portions on our Saturday night return trip… it could have been an off night, or they didn\’t order enough seafood for larger crowds. Nevertheless, the quality of seafood was still superb.

Crab House Miami - Salmon and Crab Cake

Crab House Miami - Salmon

My mother had ordered the crab cakes, which were far from disappointing – Spiced with a slight kick, these colossal crab cakes overflowed with real lump crab and spiced seafoody goodness – I trust their award winning status.

However, I do recommend steering away from the all you can eat buffet (the quality of the seafood is just not to par with the menu ordered meals) and skip the Cedar Planked Salmon, as the Salmon, as well as the accompanying side dishes, are simply bland.

Oh! And for 6.99, grab the unlimited salad bar… it beats ordering salad from the menu… man it up and make it yourself!!

Overall MiamiFoodie Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

The Crab House
1551 79th St Causeway
Miami, FL 33141
(305) 868-7085

Simple, yet always delish recipe…

Mix in a 6 inch deep, small baking dish:

– 1/4 cup of light soy sauce
– 5 chopped garlic cloves
– 5 chopped thin slices of ginger
– Chili powder to taste
– 2 teaspoons of honey

After well mixed, place 6 thinly sliced pieces of pork in the dish, mix well, and let sit for as long as possible, up to a day. This dish works just as well if you are as impatient as I am and don’t have time to marinade… another reason I love it…

Place baking dish with pork in the oven at 400 degrees until cooked thoroughly.

I love serving this dish with basmati rice and peas…

Again, I don’t measure… ever. Continually taste the sauce until it is salty, sweet, and spicy enough for your taste! This dish is basic to the point of being idiot-proof.

Enjoy =)

Need to impress a secretly admired someone with a Homecooked, Authentic, Gourmet Mexican meal? Then Cheen-huaye on Biscayne is the perfect place!

Cheen-huaye offers Southern Mexican cuisine particular to the Yucatan, and actually means “Only Here” in Mayan. I have been there several times, and the tacos and tostadas were always moist, seasoned perfectly, and just the right amount of food.

The red wine

Sangria - Cheen-Hauye

Sangria - Cheen-Hauye

has a particular flavor original to the restaurant, which finishes with a hint of cinnamon… it sounds funny, but actually works.

My favorite dish is the

– a classic Yucatecan dish, tastes just like a classic baked and simmering pork dish that a grandmother would cook… tender pork marinated in recado rojo (almost like a Mexican paprika thin sauce), served over plantain leaves and covered with shredded marinated red onions – absolutely delish!

The flautas are moist, intricately seasoned and authentically flavored.

Tacos Mexicanos - Cheen Huaye

Tacos Mexicanos - Cheen Huaye

What I LOVE is that if you are looking for a really spicy kick (sometimes you have to live a little) the chef prepares a homemade marinated habanero pepper that is out of this world! Perfect on any of the dishes offered (except for the banana icecream enchiladas).

Miami Foodie Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!!

15400 Biscayne Blvd #118
North Miami, FL 33160


Mortons - North Miami Beach

Mortons - North Miami Beach

Mortons a steakhouse in Aventura, that is part of the Hillstone Restaurant chain. This well know steak house can be found throughout the country in major metropolitan areas.

The atmosphere is fine dining, a classic New York/Chicago steakhouse with the down-to-earth New York neighborhood feel and pictures of famous clientele displayed on the walls.

One waiter came to our table with a cart of beautifully displayed raw cuts of meat offered that evening, as well as featured vegetables and a live lobster. The presentation geared us up for a grand meal, cooked to perfection… unfortunately we were all disappointed by the actual meal.

Perhaps it was an off night, being a Monday at 8:00, but each of our steaks were overcooked. My one friend ordered the Petite Filet with Bourdais sauce, cooked medium… she was embarrassed and did not want to offend the chef, but had to order steak sauce because the steak was brown to the center, and quite dry.

I had ordered the Chicago cut, medium rare, which was brought out medium. The steak was juicy in the center, but so charred on the outside that I felt like I was biting into Charcoal. Little crumbles of charred steak would get caught in the back of my throat… i had to cut around the char in order to enjoy the moist, juicy inside, which was also grainy, and somewhat dry for medium rare.

My other friend ordered the porterhouse, and had the same experience. He said that it was super charred on the outside, and several cuts in were more enjoyable, but not cooked to perfection the way we were expecting. Don’t expect Peter Lugers

The sides are a la cart, and tasty. I think the appetizers were the best part of the meal. I had the lobster bisque, which was good, not as sweet and creamy as I like, but the large chunks of lobster made up for it. Very Tasty.

The Tuna Tartar.. this was BY FAR the best dish of the evening. Absolutely delicious. It was a thin tortilla topped with evenly chopped tomatoes, small cubed avocado, and topped with an ample portion of diced sushi quality tuna, then drizzled with a light sweet soy sauce.

Overall, I was disappointed by our steaks. The service was great, but the steaks were just not cooked to perfection, and I feel that the cuts could have been better as well… especially for the price. If you are in the area and craving a good steak, I would recommend Houstons.


Mortons North Miami Beach

17399 Biscayne Blvd.
North Miami Beach, FL 33160

Padma Seduces a Carl Jr. Burger

Padma Seduces a Carl Jr. Burger

Padma Lakshmi, my secret girl crush, seductively rips into a Carl Jr. burger, making a strip of bacon look like a strawberry in a champagne glass… LOVE her!

This beats Anthony Bourdain’s episode of Food Porn =)

I found this on… I dig their sense of humor and fresh content…